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I am an artist at living- my work of art is my life...”

— D.T. Suzuki


August 2022


I started to write this long and what I consider profound thought but instead I decided to take this time to speak to my fellow artists and those who support them. Poetry/Spoken Word is evolving, and artists are being more transparent and vulnerable than ever in hopes of sharing their hearts and lived experiences with the world. This level of courage is applaudable but often times taken for granted or merely mistaken for entertainment only. While most artists will make you feel good, the artists that you need are the ones that speak to your soul. The artists that are authentic and a reflection of you.

With that being said, artists KNOW your worth. Understand the value you bring to this crazy world. Do not take it for granted that people enjoy and support your work. Do your due diligence. And art lovers, respect and show appreciation for the craft not only with your words but also with your dollars. 

In closing, we have idea what the world will become in the near future but what we do know is that art of all kinds has united us and kept us alive. Keep this in mind for all the creatives in your life. Hold fast to their words and allow their gift to be a blessing. 




Them; They; Theirs

If you ask her 

she'll tell you that he's the one 

He is everything they 

I mean she 

ever dreamed of 

he is the prefect gentlemen 

opens doors 

walks her on the inside of the curb 

cooks delicious home cooked…

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I Once...

“Love is the freedom to be the cup of God that only a worthy person can sip”- Unknown 


I once loved a man 
Who coveted the covenant I had with the God inside of me 
Obsessed over the spirit that…

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