As an author and facilitator, TeiannaRe-AL Cooper is a recognized speaker of truth, healing, and wisdom. She has had the honor of being guest speaker at several teen summits, women conferences, and community forums in the Kansas City metropolitan area and major cities alike. Teianna speaks with not only powerbut also authority and has a vey unique way of making you laugh and slapping your wrist. TeiannaRe-AL holds a Masters in Public Administration with extensive graduate hours in Psychology. In 2015, she was awarded the Lucille V. Jackson and Charlestine Scroggins Distinguished Service Award from Friends of Yates for her artistic work in the field of domestic violence care and prevention. She is an advocate in the community for not only domestic violence but also, HIV/AIDS awareness, care, and prevention, and mental health. TeiannaRe-Al uses her artistic platform and voice to bring awareness to community disparities in her professional and personal life. 

As an artist, TeiannaRe-AL is a art curator, poet, and songwriter.  She released her debut poetry CD entitled “The Naked Truth” in 2008, which she shares much of her testimony as well as the path for dealing with multiple traumas while learning trust, patience, and reliance on God. TeiannaRe-AL took full advantage of her platform and birthed Healing Is Possible to continue expressing her creativity through advocacy. She has self published a number of works that were released in May 2016 including two books "Little Girl Listen" and "Feeln' Sum Type of Way." In addition, her sophomore LP entitled “This Woman's Work.” TeiannaRe-AL has recently become a registered song writer with BMI earning writers credits on several songs with a diverse array of artists. In May 2016, TeiannaRe-AL hosted her first solo artist showcase in front of a live audience in which she received rave reviews for her astonishing show, giving her listeners a taste of original poems, monologues, and songs. She followed that up with a heartwarming show in June 2017 to honor those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. Since, she has worked tirelessly to become a New York Times bestselling author with several works in progress and notable publisher and songwriter. TeiannaRe-AL is the granddaughter of the legendary blues great, Albert King and plans to carry on his legacy. 

TeiannaRe-AL is an affiliated poet with Kansas City's longest standing Christian organization 4HisWill, serves as production coordinator and host for I AM AN ARTIST. As a performing artist she has hosted and performed for several events including The Encounter, Bold.Poets Women Of Poetry, Proverbs, Diamonds and Pearls, Jokes & Jazz, and Comedy For A Cause, just to name a few. TeiannaRe-AL has performed as a collective with other artists during the P4CM 2015 Poets In Autumn Tour sharing the stage with Sheri “Purpose” Hall and Keisha “Kbrooklyn” Burns, and 4HisWill's L.O.V.E (Living on Verses Emphasized) with Mishunda “Ms. Mai” Mathis and Sheri “Purpose” Hall. TeiannaRe-AL is the truth! She has proven that she will not be limited as she allows her gifts to make room for her in every area of creativity. 

Through all of her work in ministry, the community, and in artistry, TeiannaRe-AL Cooper remains the same, effectively spreading the message of love and healing with a strong dose of reality and truth.