I Once...

“Love is the freedom to be the cup of God that only a worthy person can sip”- Unknown 



I once loved a man 
Who coveted the covenant I had with the God inside of me 
Obsessed over the spirit that embodied me 
Craved the taste of oil dripping from my lips 
As I quoted poetry 
You see 
He had never experienced light this brilliant before
He longed for our souls to become one 
But didn’t know the sacrifices he would have to make 
To marry God 
She is woman 

He didn’t know the weight he would have to carry 
or the burdens he would have to lay down 
To keep his vow to God 
She is woman 
He didn’t realize his prayers would be unanswered 
That he could even experience famine 
Or even die 
If he ever mistreated God 
She is woman 

And he, 
He was man 
Who could never see the God in himself 
And I knew 
That his lust would never make room for my love 
It would be irresponsible of me 
To watch him drink from a cup for which he was unworthy 


He was man  
Who could never see the God In himself  
Wanting me  
Would only bring death to his doorstep  
His hearts desires  
Would only become strongholds holding him back  
From his truth  
He would never know God for himself 

Though she is part of him 
Though she is made in his image 
Though she is the womb both he and his seed share 
Though she is flesh of his flesh 
The only part of him 
He can never defile 
She is woman 
And he
He was God 
Only, he doesn’t know...

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