Writer's Block

Sometimes, I sit at my computer and stare for hours because I have no words. Imagine that a poet; a writer; a psalmist with NO words! It's funny because I use to try all sorts of things like listening to music, taking walks in the park, reading etc etc and it would work but then something happened and it stopped working. I no longer had any inspiration whatsoever. It seems as though hours turned into days and days into months and believe it or not, I almost made it a year without writing a thing. I felt disconnected from my pen and my pad felt tired like it couldn't stomach another word from me, lol! So, I struggled silently. I would take engagements but they bet not ask me for anything new or original because there was absolutely nothing cooking thus; no new fire for my followers. Nope, all I had to offer was dead or recycled poems which was cool for them because some of my poems are pretty good. I think so anyway! However, eventually that got old for me. So, I learned to sit in it? Yep, I just rested in my moment of writer's block with no intention to force anything to escape my pen. There was no pressure to come up with something. I just sit in it and let it flow with no set agenda so if a poem is what was birthed in that moment; a poem it would be even if I intended to write on a manuscript. You see, timing is everything and what is needed most in that moment will come forth as your creative juices begin to flow unrestricted of deadlines, time frames, themes, etc. etc. So, I say to you today learn to rest in your writer's block and free yourself from the torment of having to birth something prematurely. The baby will come in its own time!



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