That's How Strong My Love Is...


Wisdom is nothing more than mysteries to a fool  

All the signs can point to destruction  

But when the heart wants something  

It will go to desperate extremes to hold onto love  

Even when it hurts  


The bleeding is only proof of how willing the heart is to suffer  

To give itself unconditionally over to a burning hell  

That chars from within  

Love calls it passion  

Wisdom calls it wrath stewing  

The perfect recipe for heart break  



Love finds a way to make sense of its misery  

To entomb pain in hopes that no one will notice  

Love will carry the weight of it all  

To a grave sealed pretty  

With a headstone engraved “It was all for you”  

Then the dirt will settle  

And no will ever know just how dangerously in love you were  


To die alone is a curse  

So we love hard as to not become statistics  

As to not look like failures  

We chase after it even when there’s nothing there  

We create these happily ever after’s in our minds  

An illusion that keeps us bound  

We drown ourselves in regret  

Just to prove our love  

We will fight in its honor  

Against those who love us most  

Against the truth that attempts to free us  

Against the parts of us that knows we deserve more 


We will  

Burden ourselves with silence  

As to not run love off  

After all, there is no love without sacrifice  

Even if it means a life  

Because love  

Is the very thing we can’t live without 

It's worth dying for, right?

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