Almost Fell...

I almost fell 
I stood on the back of my fears 
Ready to risk it all 
Just to know 
What it would feel like to fly 
To follow 
To submit 
To give everything my heart was afraid of 
To give him the freedom 
To teach me 
All the things I never learned 

He shook me 
And I was awaken
From the comforts of the bed of lies 
I’d so comfortably found rest 
He saw right through me 
With little effort 
He made me nervous 
And for a moment I thought to retreat 
He made me see truth
That I loved being lied to 
That my trust issues 
Were deeply rooted in the fear that the bottom would eventually fall out 
That I needed more water for my garden 
All reasons to build a wall 
But this man was an architect 
With his words 
He found his way into spaces forbidden 
He had the blueprint 
To every dimension of my being 
He was safe 
Made it easy for me to be vulnerable and beautifully complex 
Without apology 
He gave me permission to stand in his light 
He was the Son 
His vibration was so high 
I almost jumped 
He fell off 

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