Them; They; Theirs

If you ask her 

she'll tell you that he's the one 

He is everything they 

I mean she 

ever dreamed of 

he is the prefect gentlemen 

opens doors 

walks her on the inside of the curb 

cooks delicious home cooked meals 

treats her with respect 

expresses himself 

the only man she's ever known to be so in touch with his feelings 

he listens 

helps in times of need 

he is her best friend 

he has such a brilliant mind 

positive energy 

a powerful presence 

he is gifted 

blessed with many talents 

he is responsible 









everything a girl could want in a man 

he is different 

so she thinks 

he is special 

so she believes 

he is her husband 


the man for which 

she is the missing rib 


this is who he is 

to all of them 

I mean her 

he is everything they 

I mean she says he is 

he is beautifully broken into enough pieces 

for all of them 

I mean for her to share 

ripped into delicate fragments 

for them to feel 

I mean for her to feel as though their love is exclusive 

to dismiss the ugly truths 

to be selfish 

with the little she possesses 

to convince herself that the very small pieces she's chosen to keep 

is enough 

enough for them 


the time comes for him 

to show up 

but he won’t 

he won’t be able to pull himself together 

to be present 

his unwillingness to become whole 

will leave a hole wide enough 

for them 

I mean for her to fall 

it will be become clear at that moment 

it’s not enough of him to hold on 

the only way to have all of him 

is to go knocking on women’s doors 

to gather the parts she does not own 

and they’ll resist 

in their minds he belongs to all of them 


I mean she’ll settle 

they are accustomed to scraps 

even dogs eat the crumbs from the table 

and like strays 

she believes that by meeting his needs 

the rest of him will follow 

till they 

I mean she found out 

he was one of Pavlov’s 

he is hard-wired to salivate 

to any being willing to stimulate 

he is sure to be a good dog 

as long as they 

I mean she was willing to meet his conditions 

and sadly 


I mean, she now breeds to feel wanted