Them; They; Theirs

If you ask her 

she'll tell you that he's the one 

He is everything they 

I mean she 

ever dreamed of 

he is the prefect gentlemen 

opens doors 

walks her on the inside of the curb 

cooks delicious home cooked…

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Scared of Beautiful  -Anxiety is hoping no one notices-

I can always smell the sweet aroma of sweat 

as beads make their way into my eyes 


as I force myself to say “thank you” 

                      compliments make me nervous 

I can't help but to think that my secrets are…

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I Once...

“Love is the freedom to be the cup of God that only a worthy person can sip”- Unknown 


I once loved a man 
Who coveted the covenant I had with the God inside of me 
Obsessed over the spirit that…

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