Our Love...

Our love 
Is full of song  
And bridge 
Our steps 
In perfect progression 
As we move to the chords of our hearts melodies 
On one accord 
As if we were one body of instrumentation  
A resounding crescendo  

Them; They; Theirs

If you ask her 

she'll tell you that he's the one 

He is everything they 

I mean she 

ever dreamed of 

he is the prefect gentlemen 

opens doors 

walks her on the inside of the curb 

cooks delicious home cooked…

Scared of Beautiful  -Anxiety is hoping no one notices-

I can always smell the sweet aroma of sweat 

as beads make their way into my eyes 


as I force myself to say “thank you” 

                      compliments make me nervous 

I can't help but to think that my secrets are…

I Once...

“Love is the freedom to be the cup of God that only a worthy person can sip”- Unknown 


I once loved a man 
Who coveted the covenant I had with the God inside of me 
Obsessed over the spirit that…

That's How Strong My Love Is...


Wisdom is nothing more than mysteries to a fool  

All the signs can point to destruction  

But when the heart wants something  

It will go to desperate extremes to hold onto love  

Even when it hurts  


The bleeding is…

Almost Fell...

I almost fell 
I stood on the back of my fears 
Ready to risk it all 
Just to know 
What it would feel like to fly 
To follow 
To submit 
To give everything my heart was afraid of